Toy World.





In our restaurant "Grill Teru," we have some system for visitor's fun. The Diorama board with 4m long, 0.5m wide, and 0.8m height is there and on the board, the nostalgic street scene of Ginza, Kyoubashi of Tokyo in 1960's appears and an old memory tram will run, and some times, people will wonder with an ideal thing which will appear. We assure your fun lunch or dinner.


写真をスマホでcocoAR2を使い、スキャンすると彼のバンディグローブ参加ヨット「Spirit of Yukoh号」の動画やHPが見れます。


Those are our original goods as Coasters. If you scan a surface of coaster by your smart phone with cocoAR2, you can see a video movie sailing yacht "the Spirit of Yukoh" or a website of Kojiro Shiraishi Vendee Globe 2016-17 challenge. This uses a leading edge IoT technology as AR (Augmented Reality).